Easy Pay virtual card, the method by which insured persons can access any hospital or clinic in Romania


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SIGNAL IDUNA launched the Easy Pay virtual card, a payment method that allows the companies insured to access to any medical provider in the country, even outside the partner network, without having to pay from their funds and then request a refund. SIGNAL IDUNA transfers, in advance, the amount of money needed to access medical services, offering flexibility and ease in recovering health. The company is taking another significant step towards the digital transformation of all processes and the commitment to bring technology closer to people.

The virtual card can be requested at any time, and after enrolling in the electronic wallet, the insured can use it simply and easily for fast and secure payments in any clinic, hospital, or private laboratory in Romania. It is available to individual insured persons and those with this benefit from their employers.

“The virtual card supports Romanians now looking for simple and effective solutions to their complex problems. Through Easy Pay, clinics receive payment for medical services on the spot, and insured persons do not have to access their funds to benefit from treatments, analyses, or any other medical service they need. It is another way to make it easier for policyholders to access any private medical provider in Romania. The Easy Pay card is part of the three methods of accessing medical services offered by insurance, along with direct settlement in the Mediqa Net network and reimbursement”, declares Daniela Casapu, Member of the SIGNAL IDUNA ASIGURARE REASIGURARE Management Board.

The Easy Pay virtual card complements the Signal Care Assistant app, available for mobile and desktop, for managing your policy and uploading medical documents online. Customers can benefit from a 100% digital experience, being in control whenever they need treatments, surgeries, hospitalizations, medical recovery, and more.

The physical version of the Easy Pay card was successfully launched in 2019, becoming one of the preferred methods of accessing medical services by the more than 200,000 insured in the company’s portfolio. From 2019 until the end of January 2023, the amount of payments for medical services made through him is impressive, exceeding 6 million lei. It was used within the private medical networks throughout Romania, with the most accesses being in Arad, Bucharest, Galați, and Iași, the payments mainly representing the consideration for outpatient services – consultations, investigations, treatments, laboratory tests (59%), followed by those for hospitalization and surgery (41%).

Of Easy Pay physical card beneficiaries, men make up 62%, women make up 38%, and the age groups with the most card registrations are 20-40 (38%), followed by 40 and 50 years (27%).

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