EC allots EUR 517 M to one of the subway lines in Bucharest

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European Commissioner Corina Cretu has Okayed on Wednesday an allotment of over EUR 517 million for a major infrastructure project in Bucharest, Romania, more precisely for the construction of the 1 Mai-Tokyo section of the M6 metro line.

The financing is destined to build a section of 6 kilometers of metro line, in a total of over 14 kilometers of the final subway line M6, linking the Northern Station to the Henri Coanda/Otopeni airport in Bucharest. The project provides for six tube stations between 1 Mai district and Baneasa shopping center (where Tokyo station should be located), as well as the purchase 0f 12 subway trains, each of them having 6 wagons.

The construction works for the 1 Mai-Tokyo section of the M6 subway line are scheduled to start in the second part of this year.

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