Egyptian businessmen eager to invest in Romania in building materials field


With a value of Egyptian exports of building materials to Romania reaching USD 15 million in 2014, the perspectives of expanding the cooperation in this sector seem to be very realistic. Egyptian businessmen who came in Romania last week to exhibit their building materials offer within the promotional trade mission organized by the Exports Council of Building Materials (ECBM) in collaboration with The Egyptian Commercial Office, Embassy of Egypt in Bucharest are confident there is a high potential demand in this respect. They saw Romanian market as increasing on building sector and infrastructure, so they expressed their impatience to invest here as soon as possible. We present several opinions of some of the participants and their investment plans.


Kamel Shahin, chairman KR-ONYX Marble &Granite

Romanian companies, Romanian market are getting much bigger now, you are making big progress. Now I am discussing opening a new branch in Romania of my company. I think Romania will be a good center of our company of marble and granite. Turkish and Chinese companies are our main competitors on the Romanian market, but we are working with different materials, new materials, new ways of finishing, and of course we bring good prices. We’ll do our best so that we can compete with Chinese prices.

At the event we met a lot of Romanian marble &granite companies, we reached agreements on many things, that’s why I am saying that Romania will be very promising to us.

Amr Fetoh, chairman Polyee Plast

Our company is producing polycarbonate sheets, as a matter of fact we are the only company in Egypt producing that and also the only in the Middle East. We have a high technology, our machines are among the 14-15 ones in the world. We are using the material from Germany and give our customers ten-year guarantee. We came here to start cooperation with Romanian companies, we export in many countries and we hope we’ll export in Romania as well. All companies here that we discussed with say our products are good, having the same quality as the European ones. We actually initiated a few orders during the meetings these days.

Polycarbonate sheets represents the future now, the big countries already use them for the green houses. Romania is a very important market for us, as it is a big gate through Europe. I met good, serious businessmen here and we hope we can cooperate on a high level from now on.


Dahwa Youssef, Hotel Royal General Manager, chairman Cias Consult Center Romania

Egyptian businessman established in Romania for 27 years, Mr. Dahwa Youssef encourages more Egyptian investments to come in Romania, following his example. He thinks the profile of the Romanian consumer changed a lot, being keener on quality now than in the past.

“Our company has invested in agriculture, breeding, constructions, tourism. The Romanian people related a lot on advertising when buying something in the past, but at present consumers are searching more the quality of the products, even if they are 10-20 percent more expensive”, he said.


George Gamil Mickeil, chairman Orient Ceramics

We are an Egyptian joint stock company producing ceramic tiles and porcelain. We had a big entry on the Egyptian, Arabic markets and now our interest is the Romanian market, with a growing potential on the constructions sector. We are the only company in Egypt producing white body and the shining service of the ceramic is similar to the Chinese porcelain, so this would be our advantage compared to the competition. We have also good quality, special design, good prices, so we can compete with our producing companies in this field from Italy, Spain, China. Besides, we have the advantage of not being far away from Romania, in five-seven days our products can come here by ship, so it would also be a price gain compared to an import brought from China, for example.


Bilal Hashisho, General Manager Ceramica Verdi

The company is producing ceramic tiles, porcelain and sanitary wave, we are producing about 35,000 meters per day, and we expect the production to rise at 43,000 meters per day in about two months. My aim is to invest here in Romania, and before good prices, we have good quality. The combination good price-good quality is the most suitable. Romania would be the first in Europe where my company would export. I invited Romanian companies in Egypt, too, and we hope to make good business together.

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