eJobs salary index: What salaries are earned in Retail?


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After almost two years of pandemic, retail remains one of the most stable and constant fields in terms of job supply, but also among the most sought after by candidates, according to eJobs.ro, the leader of the Romanian recruitment market . At the moment, there are almost 8,000 jobs available for those who want to work in retail. Not only has the pandemic not negatively affected job dynamics in this sector, but many employers have expanded their job offerings due to business growth.

Although the average retail salary is lower than in other areas, bonuses and sales commissions are most often added to the average basic income declared in this sector. Thus, more than half (53.8%) of the retail employees earn less than 3,000 lei net per month, according to the data entered by over 350,000 employees in Salario, the eJobs brand salary comparator. However, 6.5% of employees earn over 7,000 lei net, according to data from the largest recruitment platform in Romania.

The highest salary introduced in retail is for the position of General Manager, 28,000 lei net, and the most curious to find out if their salary is aligned with the average of the labor market are the specialists who occupy the position of Sales Agent.

The highest average net salaries in Retail are for the positions:

  • General Manager: 14,300 lei
  • Risk Manager: 12,000 lei
  • National Sales Manager: 10,000 lei
  • Manager IT: 8,600 lei
  • Financial Director: 8,000 lei

The lowest average net salaries in Retail:

  • Shift supervisor: 2,080 lei
  • Center Assistance Operator: 2,000 lei
  • Trade worker: 2,000 lei
  • Promotions assistant: 1,900 lei
  • Cahsier: 1,900 lei

“Retail jobs are very attractive, especially for young people at the beginning of their careers because the demands of employers are not too high, and companies offer training that prepares them for their future activity. Those who remain in the field can significantly increase their salaries, depending on the company they work for and its size. For example, a sales manager can earn 25,000 lei net. In most cases, in addition to the basic salary of those in this sector, sales bonuses are added “, says Roxana Drăghici, Head of Sales at eJobs Romania.

Cities with the highest average net salaries in retail:

  • București (3,500 lei)
  • Cluj-Napoca (3,000 lei)
  • Timișoara(3,000 lei )
  • Oradea(3,000 lei )
  • Iași (3,000 lei )

Cities with the lowest average net salaries in retail:

  • Călărași (1,996 lei)
  • Drobeta Turnu-Severin (1,750 lei)
  • Pașcani (1,700 lei)
  • Vălenii de Munte (1,700 lei)
  • Petroșani (1,700 lei)

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