Employers in the hospitality industry ask for tips legalization

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Legalization of the fiscal tip is an objective to be completed in the next period, while the hospitality industry in Romania needs a law regulating the seasonal work in the field, as well as promoting job in the industry, Dragos Petrescu, president of H.O.R.A. – Employers Organization of Romanian Hotels and Restaurants, said on Wednesday.

“Education in the restaurants industry can be a very good pillar of attraction and preservation of human resources. Today, the human resource is probably the biggest pain of the industry,” Petrescu added.

According to him, the lack of a permanent change in the field leads very easily to entering the “out of business” area.

“In our industry, the most important drive is to transform yourself, to come to the customer with something new and good, so that we can keep it. The hospitality industry must be based on ethics and culinary culture,” H.O.R.A. official also stated.

Romania has a turnover of EUR 3.6 billion in hotels industry, with 26,000 restaurants operating nationwide, out of which 3,670 in Bucharest. At the same time, the turnover in restaurants industry in Bucharest accounts for 45 percent of the total.

In 2015, the government decided to legislate the tip, which was to be highlighted on a separate tax invoice and charged with 16 percent. Following the controversy at that time over its regulation, the Minister of Finance, Eugen Teodorovici, decided to give up the measure definitively.

Regulation tipping taxation as income from other sources is a sign of normality, and the state budget must be financed by everyone not only by some, lawyer Gabriel Biris said in turn. Former Secretary of State in the Ministry of Public Finance, during December 2015 – September 2016, stressed that there is currently a regulation of taxing the tip, but only for casinos where there are more special rules.

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