Entrepreneurs in Romania want to start a coffee shop business, study says


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Small businesses are the driving force of economic growth around the world, including Romania. And those looking to start a new business venture in Romania are Googling how to start a business in the coffee shop industry.

According to a new study by ZenBusiness who analyzed search volume data to find out what type of businesses are being researched by budding entrepreneurs, the industries that most attract entrepreneurs vary from country to country, and depend on a variety of factors such as infrastructure, business climate, and culture. Explore the maps below to see the top businesses entrepreneurs in every country want to start.

While clothingrelated businesses are the most-searched-for across 22 countries, putting it just ahead of real estate in 19 countries, 16% of countries in Europe look to capitalize on the hot housing market, as the top business to start is real estate.

The survey also found that in 47% of countries in North America, the most popular query related to starting a business is about the retail and e-commerce space – the largest share of any continent. The Middle East and Central Asia have the most startup diversity of any region.

At the same time, Eastern Europeans are looking to capitalize on the region’s fast-growing tourism sector. According to the EU, tourism spending in Central and Eastern Europe increased by 6% in 2016 and continues to grow. In Belarus, Macedonia, Armenia, Georgia, and Albania, the most-searched-for businesses to start include hostels, hotels, tour operators, tourism, and travel agencies – all in the leisure and tourism sector.

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