ES Elektro Romania partners Danish-based Universal Robots for cobots distribution

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Cluj-based ES Elektro Romania, a 10-year experience company in industrial apps and solutions, becomes Universal Robots’ importer and distributor, a press release informs.

”The collaborative robots – cobots- market has the fastest growing of the entire automation industry, and Universal Robots is the leader in this segment. Besides the expertise and capabilities in the logistics solutions field (connected business), lighting technology, industrial automation (training, consulting and engineering) and a wide range of electromechanical brands and products, ES Elektro will also invest from now on in the collaborative robots (cobots) area of Universal Robots. Our sales team, including industrial automation consultants, have been trained to understand the potential of the Universal Robots product range. We have great expectations to serve the Romanian market, not only by selling Universal Robots products, but also by consulting, application support, after-sales service and on-site training,” Rolf de Graaf, General Manager ES Elektro Romania, stated.

ES Elektro Romania is part of the international industrial suppliers group of itsme (Industrial Technology and Supply for Mechanical and Electrical).

itsme provides goods and services to its clients in the Netherlands through ES Elektro and Hoogland-Mennens, the latter having been acquired in 2008. In early 2010, Schultz+Erbse in Hagen, Germany was also acquired. In Romania, itsme carries out activities via its subsidiary ES Elektro Romania, and from 1 April 2011 onwards, it launched a new initiative in Belgium called Breemes.

itsme has an annual turnover of approximately EUR 200 million, employs 520 people and possesses a comprehensive network of 22 subsidiaries in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Romania.

itsme offers an extensive range of electrical and mechanical engineering services directed towards industrial end-users, mechanical engineers, panel builders and technical installers.

Universal Robots’ cobots are easy to program, install and their collaborative nature allows them to work side-by- side with the workforce for high-quality output and handling them requires no special training. They work as a ‘helping hand’ that helps the workforce in carrying out monotonous tasks, increases productivity and efficiency. The primary goal of Universal Robots is to empower workers by enabling them with smart manufacturing solutions which involves the utilization of collaborative robots’ technology and automation. Such kind of automation offers significant advantages to small and medium scale enterprises, from productivity gains to shorter payback periods which justify long term investment.

Universal Robots now has 470+ employees across 22 offices in 15 countries: headquarters in Denmark and regional offices in the United States, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Turkey, China, India, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Mexico.

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