EU funds absorption rate reached … nearly 1 pc

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Absorption of European funds rate reached nearly 1 percent on new 2014-2020 financial framework, thus the ‘ghostly 0 percent’ is a myth, Ministry of European Funds (MFE) shows in a press release, marking the activity report of the Minister Cristian Ghinea after 100 days in office.

“In May, after two and a half years after the beginning of the current programming period the early repayments came amounting to EUR 57 million. On August 8, the European Commission has agreed to refund another EUR 231 million still related to the National Rural Development Programme – PNDR. Therefore, the absorption rate (repayment) of European funds in Romania reached almost 1 percent,” the quoted document reads.

So, the new management of the ministry has emphasized that in its 2 years mandate- 2014, 2015 – Ponta government had 0 percent absorption and “this did not seem to bother anyone.”

“Realistically speaking, this shouldn’t be a reason of public hysteria. Currently, the EU average is 1.5 percent. Among others, the official rates of absorption on May 31 recorded in EU were: Bulgaria (0.07 percent), Cyprus (0.23 percent), Spain (1.87 percent), Hungary (0 percent), Italy (0.39 percent), Poland (0.87 percent), Romania (0.18 percent). The designation process (accreditation) will be completed this year and for this we worked in a sustained manner. Thus, in 2017, with the registration of all Management Authorities (MAs), Romania is going to receive soon from European Commission EUR 3.6 billion,” the release said.

The report also says that the results of financing lines launched in 2016 will be reflected only a few years in the absorption percentage.

“Politicians mix the things when they talk about ‘absorption’, with the clear intention to manipulate the public space with false figures. Regarding the funds for the previous financial programming, Ciolos government managed to increase the absorption rate from the current 58.67 percent (the total between 2007 and 2015) to 76.69 percent.

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