Eurolines group celebrates its 30 years of activity visiting Romania

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Brussels-based Eurolines decided to celebrates its 30 years of activity in Romania. These days, the most important seven people in the organization’s hierarchy are visiting Romania, especially Sinaia, along with other representatives of the leading corporations in this domain.

Eurolines Organization is the umbrella organ of all independent Eurolines partners. There are 25 members spread across 23 countries, carring about 4 million passengers per year.

“Eurolines Romania is one of the pioneering members of the organization. We can say that the unit in Romania has contributed as Eurolines to stay leader in the field,” Dragos Atanasiu, President Eurolines Romania, the youngest and longest-serving manager in the group, said in a press conference.

According to him, the challenges of 2016 of traveling by coach across Europe
are related to airlines competition, which continues to rise, excise duty and fuel price.

The transport liberalization remains a topic of interest as long as the competition grows up in the field, prices are better and the quality improves.

“I don’t understand why the authorities do not accelerate this process!” Atanasiu said.

For 2015, Eurolines Romania, which celebrates 20 years of existence, estimates a turnover of EUR 11 million from passenger transportation on international lines.

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