Extensive online service configurator launched on the Romanian telecommunications market

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Telekom Romania has launched an extensive online configurator on the Romanian telecommunications market. It offers customers the ability to find, easily and quickly, the services and options in the operator’s portfolio that best suit their needs. The configurator is available on the company’s official website and includes both fixed and mobile subscription services.

In order for the user to have a clear and comprehensive image of the available options, this digital product uses an intuitive interface, very easy to access both on the desktop and on the mobile. For example, when a customer needs a smaller number of TV channels but is passionate about movies or wants a mobile subscription that contains more international minutes and more roaming options the configurator guides him instantly giving him a customized package.

„Implementing this project is a natural evolution that continues to support our efforts to simplify and digitize. This time we propose a different approach that at first asking the customer what his needs are and only then configure a package of services. It is much faster to select these benefits in the configurator and then recommend the package that suits him. In this way the customer saves time because he does not have to search for information on the site or compare the benefits of all fixed and mobile subscriptions or the desired options in order to select the right offer”, explains Gabriel Trăistaru, Director of Digitization Division at Telekom Romania.

Furthermore, out of the desire to respond, as quickly as possible, to customer needs and to streamline the procurement process after validation of options the request is registered and a Telekom representative will contact the customer to complete the contracting procedure.

The configurator launched by Telekom Romania thus becomes a very useful tool that quickly provides all the information needed to customize a package of services, real-time consulting and more flexibility in choosing options.

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