Extreme drought in Moldavia and Dobruja, 3 million ha of crops compromised


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Farmers are facing huge problems not only because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but also because of the severe drought jeopardizing their crops. Agriculture minister Adrian Oros told Digi24 that three million hectares of crops are compromised by the severe drought.

“Unfortunately, besides the pandemic’s consequences there is also extreme drought in Dobruja and Moldavia regions. Many of the crops planted the last autumn are compromised to various extents,” said the Agriculture minister, announcing that measures to compensate and indemnify farmers are being considered.

“When the monitoring is concluded, we promised farmers we’ll compensate all damages caused by the drought. Where there are revenue losses we’ll directly give money, or we’ll take measures to help them”, Oros added.

However, the minister assured there is no issue with the basic food stocks, claiming there are even overflows on certain products such as milk, veal, eggs, poultry meat or vegetables.

“Farmers cannot sell these products, there is no demand“, the minister argued.

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