Fashion Days’ Black Friday campaign kicks off on November 7th: Discounts on 80% of products from over 550 brands


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Fashion Days, the leader of the online fashion market, opens this year’s edition of Black Friday, Monday, November 7, from the early hours of the morning, with the campaign continuing until November 13. Customers will be able to start shopping very early, both in the application and on website, where they will have access to the most discounts of the year, on over 80% of products, from over 550 brands, totaling the highest stock value so far: 270 million lei.

For this year’s edition of Black Friday, held between November 7 – 13, we have prepared for customers the most discounts of the year, on more than 80% of products, adding up to the highest stock value so far. With this year’s offer, we estimate an increase in the number of orders of approximately 15% compared to last year, and we expect an average budget allocated by customers in the amount of 485 lei. At the same time, based on the experience of previous editions, more than 75% of the order value will be generated through the mobile application, and the first hour will reach the peak of the number of orders, thanks to the many unmissable deals that this edition offers and which sells out in the first 60 minutes,” Robert Berza, Fashion Days General Manager told a press conference on Thursday.

Fashion Days provides discounts on more than two million items on the 2022 Black Friday campaign. The first to know the exact start time of Black Friday will be the users of the mobile application who have activated their push notifications.

Moreover, this year is the first Black Friday organized by Fashion Days under the Genius umbrella, the subscription to exclusive offers and free shipping now available in 4 apps. Thus, for the first time, Genius customers will have an additional price advantage, namely an extra 10% discount on tens of thousands of premium products during Black Friday and shopping with free shipping.

Fashion Days also offers customers the possibility to make payments in 4 (four) installments through Dressing Room – service launched for the first time this year by Fashion Days. Customers can pre-check eligibility for this service if they are logged into their Fashion Days account and have a card saved on the platform.

On the first day of Black Friday, customers are encouraged to opt for easybox delivery, so they will be able to receive their parcels even on the same day, for orders from Bucharest and Ilfov. And this time, Fashion Days appeals to everyone’s responsibility to clear out the lockers as quickly as possible, so that other people can enjoy the Black Friday packages just as quickly. Delivery is fast and free in easybox for Genius customers, and the most active Fashion Days customers have the possibility, in case of a return, to receive their money back in their account in just 30 minutes after handing over the returned product.

For a shopping experience as simple and fast as possible, customers are encouraged to pay online through the Pay by Click option, which allows the card data to be saved so that the payment of the order can be made instantly. And if you pay with Mastercard, I can win one of 10 vouchers worth 3,000 lei each.

According to Fashion Days GM, the company’s Black Friday campaigns will take place at the same time in Bulgaria and Hungary with the one in Romania, as a first this year.

Fashion Days GM Robert Berza admitted that this year was challenging for the fashion e-commerce, like for every sectors, due to the war in Ukraine and rising costs, but added that Fashion Days focused more on profitability and stock adjustments than on increase of sales.

“With a war at the border, the energy crisis due to the political blackmailing, high inflation, it is understandable that the safety of the consumer will drop and that we witness the client migrating to low-price versus premium ecommerce (…) That’s why we are focusing on customer proposition, for a better product will get out of the crisis more enforced”, Berza pointed out.

All in all, Fashion Days expect its profit this year to double as against last year, also forecasting a 20pc growth following the November’s Black Friday campaign, but in December as well, considering it is the winter holiday shopping month.


Some of the tp brands with the best BF discounts: Hugo Boss, Karl Lagerfeld, Tommy Hilfiger, Marella, EA7 , UGG, Nike.

New premium brands in the BF offer: Off White, Palm Angels, Golden Goose, Alexander McQueen, Nautica.

Romanian Corner brands: Alina Cernătescu, RESENSE, Condur by Alexandru, Gerali, BAROCCA, Antonia M, UNDRESS, Couture de Marie, A&A Vesa, Monarh, Instinctive, Acob a porter, Cactus the Brand, Minionette.

Black Friday 2022 – prices starting from:

For women and children

  • Jackets/Vests – 119 RON
  • Watches– 99 RON
  • T-shirts– 29,99 RON
  • Leather boots – 199 RON
  • Bags/purses – 99 RON
  • Sneakers– 99 RON

For men:

  • Watches – 199 RON
  • Jackets/Vests – 159 RON
  • Sneakers – 159 RON
  • Leather boots– 239 RON
  • T-shirts – 49 RON.


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