A bank in Romania launched Octavian chatbot, the customer digital assistant for rate deferrals and other services

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OTP Bank Romania has launched a new support and communication instrument for its customers, the Octavian chatbot, which offers personalized information in the current context, but also guidance for those who want to opt for the rate suspension measure.

“The digital landscape is evolving, the needs of our customers have increased, and the current context is accelerating this need for innovation. We place great value on the relationship with customers, which is why we are constantly looking to be close to them, despite the physical distance imposed, by improving the digital experience. That’s why we have developed the Octavian chatbot, which acts as a human agent, responds instantly and offers a personalized interaction, 24 hours a day”, said the OTP Bank officials.

Software robot also for online credit rate suspension requests processing

The chatbot ads on to the digitalization and automation activity of the bank, through which it is desired that the technology works for the benefit of the consumer. In this regard, a few weeks ago, the bank launched its first software robot that helps process requests to postpone rates, requests that are sent online by the customers.

The robot is built by using RPA (Robotization of Process Automation) technology and uses a UiPath platform, the leader in automating robotic processes. RPA allows the automation of a business process, from which human error is eliminated and which solves operations, and our robot performs tasks such as: sorting and processing incoming emails, validating data sent with those from the bank’s systems, sending SMS to validate the request and interpretation of their answers.

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