Alpha Bank Romania increases interest rate to 7.25% for 1-year deposits in RON and to 0.70% for 1-year deposits in EUR


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Alpha Bank Romania increases the interest rate for savings products in RON and foreign currency, both for individuals and for legal entities. In the case of 1-year deposits in RON for individuals, the interest rate reached 7.25%.

“The current context demands flexibility and financial planning, thus we followed that through the increases made to offer our clients a remuneration that is one of the most attractive on the market, in order for them to continue saving or start saving for creating emergencies funds or for achieving their personal objectives. Alpha Bank’s savings offer is one of the most diversified and complete in the market, supporting various types of financial behavior, from savings accounts with the possibility of automated saving, short and medium-term deposits with payment of interest at maturity or monthly in RON, EUR, USD and GBP, to long-term deposits in RON, up to 3 years. At the same time, we reward the loyalty of our clients who cash in their salary or pension with an interest bonus, and access to the money from the deposit without fee for cash withdrawal at the counter“, said Maria Bogodai, Director of the Private Individuals Banking Division, Alpha Bank Romania.

Interests for deposits in RON

For individuals:                 

  • 3-month deposit: 6.25%;
  • 6-month deposit: 6.75%;
  • 9-month deposit: 7.00%;

1-year deposit: 7.25%.

For legal entities:

•3-month deposit: 4.50%;

•6-month deposit: 5.00%;

•9-month deposit: 5.25%;

•1-year deposit: 5.50%.

Interests for deposits in EUR

For individuals:       

  • 3-month deposit: 0.30%;
  • 6-month deposit: 0.50%;
  • 9-month deposit: 0.60%;
  • 1-year deposit: 0.70%.

     For legal entities:

•3-month deposit: 0.10%;

•6-month deposit: 0.15%;

•9-month deposit: 0.20%;

•1-year deposit: 0.30%.

Interest for USD deposits for individuals are now 1.40% for 1 year, 1.25% for 9 months and 1.00% for 6 months.

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