ARIR members elected a new Board of Directors


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The Romanian Investor Relations Association (ARIR), an association for best practices in investor relations in Romania, has announced the new composition of ARIR’s Board of Directors, following the vote of the founding and associated members.

Daniela Șerban was reconfirmed as ARIR President by the General Assembly and will continue to coordinate the activity of the Association. The Board of Directors will include three new members: Ana-Maria Imbrea, ALRO – Vice President ARIR; Alexandra Țițan, Electrica; Ioan Șumandea, Banca Transilvania – Vice President ARIR. Adrian Tănase, BVB; Tony Romani and Valentina Dinu, Nuclearelectrica were reconfirmed. The mandates of the Board of Directors are for 1 year, starting with May 1, 2020.

Daniela Șerban, ARIR President & Co-Founder: “In just one year, ARIR has left its mark on the development of the Romanian capital market, through projects with long-term impact. By launching VEKTOR indicator, the companies listed on the BSE have made unprecedented efforts to improve the communication with investors and their corporate governance. We succeeded to innovate and double the community since the launch, and this autumn we will once again award the best professionals and the best listed companies in Romania following the vote of global investors. In addition to the strategic directions of the first term, regulation, presentation, recognition, this year we will be more active in the communication with analysts and with companies interested in being listed on the stock exchange or issuing bonds. “

Ana-Maria Imbrea, ALRO, Vice President ARIR: “Through active involvement in all the projects undertaken by the Association and new initiatives, we will increase ARIR’s impact on the Romanian capital market. Sustainability is one of the topics with an increasingly growing spread, especially in the new market context. Thus, we will contribute in this direction to support the market participants understand better investors’ expectations and the new regulatory requirements.”

Ioan Șumandea, Banca Transilvania, Vice President ARIR: “Through an open dialogue between all stakeholders on the capital market we will succeed in bringing projects with impact. A regulatory framework is needed to support the listed companies and to offer flexibility so that their efforts regarding the reporting obligations will not increase, but offer added value for the investors. The implementation of the corporate governance principles has proven to be essential, so we support the need to have uniform standards them for the entire market.”

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