Average salary up by 5.7 pc in March to RON 1,829


Average earnings rose in March by RON 98 (5.7%) to RON 1,829 net. The highest values were recorded in manufacture of tobacco products (RON 5,799) and the lowest in hotels and restaurants (RON 995), a release on Thursday issued by the National Statistics Institute (INS) informs.

“In March 2015, most activities in the economic sector net average earnings were higher than the previous month as a result of granting occasional premiums (including quarterly bonuses, annual bonuses for outstanding performance or for the Easter holidays), amounts from other funds (including meal or gift vouchers), for achievements in production or for higher revenues cashed in (according to the contracts),” reads the INS release.

“In the public sector there were increases in education over the previous month (6.1%), due to the application of legal provisions of the legislation in force, and following the granting of amounts representing hourly payments. Small increases in net average earnings as against previous month were recorded in the health and social assistance field (1.7%) and public administration (1.4%),” INS informs.

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