Banks in Romania kick off #DreptulLaBanking campaign

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In a first move, banks in Romania have launched today an awareness-raising campaign #DreptulLaBanking (RightToBanking), aiming to improve the dialogue with the general public about the banks’ role as facilitators of growth and prosperity and about how can Romanians benefit of all banking tools.

The campaign speaks about the common trust between people and the banking system, which is essential for the increase of the individual welfare, and also about the growth of the Romanian economy.

#DreptulLaBanking starts from personal needs, such as the purchase of a house, the payment of the purchased goods, saving, but also tackles the right to investments in a modern, performing agriculture, in infrastructure, in education and healthcare.

Banks want to make people aware that together can bring prosperity.

Over 485,270 physical persons have mortgages and have taken loans from the banks to buy a house or make other real estate investments. The number of physical debtors with mortgages stands at 283,769, while the physical debtors with other loans for real estate investments is 201,505, as the National Bank of Romania reported at the end of 2019.

The value of the mortgages and other loans mount to EUR 20 billion, which represents 10% of Romania’s GDP.

At the same time, approximately 100,650 companies are seeking to grow with financing from the banks based in Romania. The value of the financing granted by the banks to the companies stood at EUR 25 billion at the end of November 2019.

To develop SMEs, entrepreneurs have take funds mounting to EUR 17 billion from the banks in Romania.

Romanians make roughly 885 million safe online transactions through the banks in Romania on an annual basis. In the agriculture sector, Romanian farmers have contracted loans worth over EUR 2 billion, according to September 2019 statistics.

So, through this campaign, banks in Romania joined forces to endorse better the Romanians who keep their money in banks, with over 15 million depositors at this point.

The campaign also pledges to contribute to the increase of the financial education amongst consumers. So far, over 1 million Romanians benefit of free financial classes delivered by the Romanian banking system.

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