Ghe?ea: CEC Bank’s market share reached 7.69 pc in 2014

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CEC Bank’s market share reached 7.69 pc in 2014  from 7.43% in 2013 and 4.03% in 2007, said on Tuesday, Radu Gratian Ghetea, president and CEO of CEC Bank at the inauguration of Ilfov CEC Bank Branch in Otopeni.

“The market share reached 7.69%. In 2007, when we started this project, we were talking about a 4.03% market share. We had in 2013 a market share of 7.43%, so we are on an upward trend, while the market was not heading in the same direction,” said Ghe?ea, adding that the bank’s 2014 results will be released soon.

According to Ghe?ea the situation is similar in terms of loans where the bank registered an advance of 6.4% against 2013. The new loans were up 12% year on year, 2013/2014.

“In terms of profit we are part of the group of 17 banks that have announced profit in 2014. The entire banking system in 2014 recorded a loss of about RON 4.4 billion. We registered profit, not very spectacular, but however profit. The shareholder decided to use it for capital increase. So in May the bank’s capital was increased by another RON 7 million,” said Ghe?ea.

According to Radu Ghetea, the bank has more than 6,000 employees, of which nearly 90% are women.

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