Two bankers in Romania earned more than EUR 1m in 2017

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Two bankers in Romania earned EUR 1 million in 2017, both being members of the banks’ management teams, by one less than in the previous year, according to the European Banking Authority (EBA) data released on Monday.

On average, each of them earned EUR 1.17 million, by 6.4% more than the average earned by a banker in 2016.

Romania is among the countries where the number of high-income bankers dropped in 2017 as compared to the previous year. Other countries where the number dropped are Cyprus, Denmark, Greece, Ireland, Luxembourg, Latvia and Sweden.

Cumulatively, the two earned fixed incomes of EUR 1.8 million, and the variable amounts to almost EUR 534.000, of which EUR 320,300 were paid in 2017.


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