USD hits new high against RON to 4.2107 units

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The EUR exchange rate announced by the central bank fell on Monday by 1.02 bani to EUR 4.4370, in the context of calm developments on the local interbank market, while the USD rose by 0.95 bani to RON 4.2107, a new record after Wednesday’s peak.

On Friday, the central bank announced exchange rates of RON 4.4472/EUR and of RON 4.2012/USD.

The CHF climbed by 2.12 bani from RON 4.1728 to RON 4.1940.

In the region, the movement of the HUF and the PLN against the EUR have had the same direction as that of the RON, but their assessment was stronger as compared to previous trading session, concluded during the night, when the local markets are closed. The HUF appreciated by 0.6% and the PLN by 0.4% against the EUR.

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