Bucharest, the second Revolut city in the global ranking


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  • The Romanian capital accounts for 26% (390,000) of Revolut’s Romanian customers and is in the second position in the global ranking of cities with the most Revolut customers.
  • The superapp’s adoption by 21% of Bucharest[1] citizens is above all over cities in the country – Cluj Napoca (20.3%), Iași (16.5%), Timișoara (15.4%), Brașov (15%) and Constanța (12%) among the cities where Revolut is more popular.

The city of Bucharest, with above 390,000 Revolut customers (26% of Revolut’s more than 1.4 million Romanian customers) is now in the second position of the top 10 cities with the most Revolut clients in the world, according to data from November 2021. The ranking is led by London and Bucharest is followed by Dublin, Paris, Warsaw, Budapest, Madrid, Vilnius, Sofia, Lisbon

The highest adoption rate of the Revolut app among the population falls in Dublin and Vilnius, with almost 30%, followed by Bucharest with a 21% adoption rate, and Warsaw and Budapest, with more than 11%, London with 10%, Sofia (9%) and Madrid, with 4.7% of adoption. On 9th and 10th places can be found important European urbes like Paris (2%) or Lisbon (3.2%). Within Romania, however, Bucharest also leads among the cities, being followed by Cluj-Napoca, that registers a 20.3% adoption rate, Iași (16.5%), Timișoara (15.4%), Brașov (15%) and Constanța (12%).

Bucharest millennials have travelled more this year

If we analyse more closely the behaviour of Revolut customers from Bucharest and how they use the app to manage their daily finances, millennials dominate the number of accounts and transactions in Romania: clients between 25 and 44 years old represent 59.3% of the total, followed by the age group between 18 and 24 (16.3%) and others of more than 45 years old (20.8%)

During 2021, Bucharest citizens that use the financial superapp have done more card transactions (+52.6%) than in the same period in 2020 (January 1st – November 15th), and are also big fans of Revolut’s different card models that have been launching recently (different designs, materials and even personalised cards). From Bucharest, two times more cards were ordered this year from January to November 15th compared to the same period in 2020 (+170%). The number of personal payments between Revolut clients also increased notably, by 47%, as well as the amount exchanged (+57%).

Reflecting the opening of borders and increase in travel spent throughout this year, while some measures against the pandemics relaxed, foreign transactions accelerated by 4 times (+388% transactions) compared to the same period of previous year.

Distribution of clients in the Romanian market

Within Romania, Bucharest is also in a good position on the first place in the ranking of cities by number of customers (with 390,000). It’s followed by Cluj-Napoca, with 62,700 customers, Iași, with above 52,600 customers, Timișoara (47,300 customers), Brașov (41,300 customers) and Constanța (36,600 customers).


[1] According to data disclosed by  https://worldpopulationreview.com/

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