Court of Accounts conducted 2,723 checks in 2014. Local budgets to receive RON 5.1 bn

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The Court of Accounts (CA) conducted last year a total of 2,723 checks, following which the local budgets will receive RON 5.1 billion, the CA Activity Report for 2014 reads.

In 2014, the checks and financial audits accounted for 60% of the total, the performance audit – 13%, control actions – 25% and documentation activities – 2%, informs.

In order to establish and introduce the 2015 actions for public and external audit and control into the programme, 49 documenting actions have been carried out to as many entities, actions requiring both human resources and time, the Court of Accounts says.

The 2,723 verifications resulted in the identification of 25,529 cases of budgetary discipline, economic and accounting violations.

According to the Court of Account this points out that legislation is not observed in regard to the formation, administration and use of financial resources of the state and of the public sector.

The report states that following the undertaken actions, the public budgets will cash-in RON 5.1 billion, out of which RON 2.7 billion (53%) from removing infringements of the regulations on the setting, recording and tracking budget revenues collection, and RON 2.4 billion (47%) from removing deflections from employment legality, liquidation, ordering and payment from public funds.

‘During their activities of public external audit and control irregularities in financial accounting were noticed, irregularities that influenced the reality and the accuracy of data and information presented in the financial statements for fiscal year 2013 by some of the checked entities.

Financial accounting deflections do not consist, upon identifying, in producing damage to the state and territorial administrative units or not setting potential incomes. They originate mainly from registration errors in the accounts, in the patrimony and fiscal correction which have the effect of real and accurate reflection of operations in the annual financial statements,” the Court of Accounts document reads.

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