Crude oil and natural gas drilling sector employees had the highest wages in September


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The lowest – in accommodation and food service activities , INS shows.

In this year’s September, the average gross nominal earnings were RON 2349, by 0.8 percent higher than the one registered in the previous month. According to Romania’s Institute of Statistics (INS) data, the average net nominal earnings were RON 1698, increasing as against the previous month with RON 15 (0.9 percent). The highest values of the average net nominal earnings were recorded in extraction of crude petroleum and natural gas (RON 5776), while the lowest in accommodation and food service activities (RON 996). As compared to September of the previous year, the average net nominal earnings increased by 5.5 percent.

Decreases of the average net wages as compared to the previous month were caused by the occasional bonuses, amounts from the net profit or other funds granted previous month. Also, the decreases of the average net earnings were determined by production un-achievements or lower receipts (depending on contracts or due to summer holidays when meal vouchers and other salary rights are not granted) and by hiring employees with lower earnings.

The most significant decreases of the average net earnings have been by 13.9 percent in mining of coal and lignite, respectively by 11.2 percent in other mining and quarrying and between 4 – 6 percent in manufacture of tobacco products, manufacture of other transport equipment, water transport.

The same INS data reveal that in the budgetary sector the slight increases of the average net earnings as against August were registered in education (2.2 percent) due to the amounts representing the hourly payments of teaching staff, respectively in public administration (0.5 percent). In health and social assistance slight decreases were registered as against August 2014, by 0.4 percent.

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