EU funds for the first section of Moldova Motorway

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The European Commission has Okayed the major infrastructure road project “Bypass of Bacau”, with a total value of RON 968.781 million, Transport minister Lucian Bode has announced.

The Transport minister has applied for these funds allotted through the Big Infrastructure Operational Programme 2014-2020 on November 22, 2019.

According to the Transport minister, the target of the project is to build 30.842 kilometers of new road, out of which 16.269km for the motorway, 7 bridges, 9 passageways, 1 road junction and 7 crossroads.

The total value of the project mounts to RON 968.781 M, with EU funds worth RON 811.102 (85% of the total eligible approved value- RON 689.437 is ensured by the Cohesion Fund, and 15% of the value, meaning RON 121.665 is funded by the beneficiary).

“It is another prove that Moldova is not forgotten. So, the first section of the motorway to serve Moldova region, namely the Bypass of Bacau city benefits starting today of European financing. And this, taking into account that the old PSD ruling had sent to EC some incomplete paperwork, without environment management plans for more infrastructure objectives,” minister Bode said.

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