Fin Min: The ‘tax on greed’ to be decoupled from ROBOR index

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The ‘tax on greed’ will no longer be calculated according to ROBOR index, at least not in the current form of this index, Minister of Finance Eugen Teodorovici has announced. Thus, the bank asset tax will be calculated by transactions, not by indices. Also, certain bank assets will be exempt from the ‘tax on greed’ calculation. However, the discussions on this subject have not been finalized and the postponement of the entire Emergency Ordinance 114 is being considered, informs.

“The talks were about decoupling the tax on financial asset from ROBOR. It’s a discussion about another way of calculating this index, about a new index. You know very well that the difference between quotations and transactions has been discussed, talks are ongoing in this regard, but the main element is that they will be decoupled from each other,” Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici said.

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