FinMin: Ongoing talks with banks to delay bank installment payments by 2-3 months. Two banks take action


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Minister of Finance Florin Citu has announced on Saturday night that the ministry is having talks with the banking environment so that citizens who have bank installments to be able to postpone their payments, considering the difficulties prompted by the novel Coronavirus outbreak.

“We have discussions with the banking system to delay the payment of bank installments by two-three months”, said the Finance minister, who said banks responded to the government’s call to find solutions to help the population and further discussions are under way.

The minister added he is also in talks with the business environment to find solutions for companies as well, with fiscal measures considered to endorse the entrepreneurs.

Citu assured that “there will be liquidity injections” to provide the payment of salaries, pensions and welfare benefits.

He called on citizens to use online payments, considering “the problems with the ATMs”.

Sources quoted by said that CEC Bank will announce early next week the suspension of the bank installments to all credits (personal loans, real estate loans or mortgage) for one month amid the Coronavirus crisis.

Banca Transilvania, for instance, has notified its customers on Saturday on the extensions of the grace period for credit cards until May.

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