Historical change in the financial market: ATMs with cryptocurrencies in all cities of Romania


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Bitcoin Romania, a cryptocurrency trading platform operating on the local market, launches a new business direction by taking a step towards the offline area. The management of the company created a franchise for ATMs with cryptocurrencies, the franchisors having the possibility to obtain profit after 1-3 months from the investment.

The management wants to register at the end of the year a network of 100 ATMs compared to 20 at present.

To become a partner, the franchise must be taken over by a legal entity. The cost of the franchise is 4,500 euros. To this amount is added a 5,000 euro deposit for the ATM and 10,000 euros for the first loading of the ATM. On the other hand, the partners’ profit is up to 4,000 euros net per month/ per ATM due to a commission from each transaction. Clients can sell and buy several cryptocurrencies, not just Bitcoin (for example, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin cash)

At the end of the franchise agreement, the partner will receive back the 10,000 euros and also the deposit of 5,000 euros if the ATM is in good condition. Those interested in taking over a Bitcoin ATM franchise can find out more information by accessing the link https://bitcoinromania.ro/parteneriat.

“Any company can become our partner. It is a franchise with an affordable price, with very little involvement on the maintenance side, and with significant possibilities to obtain high profit. In 1-3 months, you can amortize your investment, and then you are at a profit. We believe that these franchises are the future because Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies represent the future. Having a franchise for a Bitcoin ATM is like buying a McDonald’s franchise 20 years ago, and now it brings you high benefits”, says George Rotariu, co-founder and CEO of Bitcoin Romania.

The manager adds that although the franchise can be bought by any kind of legal entity, the profile is especially suitable for companies that have space where people can wait or park their car.

“A transaction of selling or buying through a Bitcoin ATM takes more than a minute and it is important to have space. For example, gas stations are a very good example of partners who can join us”, explains  Rotariu.

Currently, Bitcoin Romania has 20 ATMs in cities such as Bucharest, Constanța, Sibiu, Râmnicu-Valcea, Galati. Mangalia, Craiova and Târgu Jiu, and by the end of the year it aims to expand in all cities of the country. Of these, 14 are Bitcoin Romania ATMs, and six are through partners.

The company brought the first ATM on the local market in 2014, this being the first Bitcoin ATM in Continental Europe and the fifth in the world. Since then, Bitcoin Romania has brokered 40,000 transactions 15 million euros worth. Also, the 14 own ATMs were used by over 25,000 customers for the sale and purchase of cryptocurrencies. The complete list of ATMs can be seen by accessing this link https://cryptoatm.ro/.

“Customers who own Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies can use ATMs to sell or buy digital currencies. This is an important segment different from the traditional banking market. The main reason people would use Bitcoin ATMs is the same reason they would use classic ATMs. If you need cash fast, the fastest way to get it is to use an ATM to exchange cryptocurrencies. And vice versa – if you have cash and want to buy cryptocurrencies in the next five minutes, look for the nearest ATM. Also, for people who do not own any cryptocurrencies, the physical presence of ATMs will mean visibility for an area considered to be exclusively digital. This visibility will help people have more confidence in this segment”, states Constantin Rotariu, co-founder and COO of Bitcoin.

Launching ATMs in franchise is a very important step for Bitcoin Romania as it brings a significant change of strategy.

“We go with a digital product to offline to increase people’s confidence in cryptocurrencies and implicitly their popularity. Of course, the impact of this new strategy will be seen in business – we estimate that the area of ​​ATMs in franchise to reach 60-70% of Bitcoin Romania turnover in 2021. At the same time, ATMs in franchise will mean around 10% of the expected revenues for this year”, says Constantin Rotariu.

On the other hand, the entire ATM network will represent approximately 30% of the turnover of 10 million euros estimated by Bitcoin Romania for 2020.

Bitcoin management wants to have 30,000 customers and transactions worth 25 million euros by the end of the year as a result of the network’s growth to 100 ATMs.

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