Olteanu, BNR: 2019, an ever less feasible target for joining the Eurozone

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Romania’s entering the Eurozone over four years became an infeasible target, because the announcement of the objective was not followed by a clear roadmap, Bogdan Olteanu, Vice Governor National Bank of Romania (BNR) argued in a press conference on Thursday.

According to him, the discussions related to a legislation that can lead to budgetary slippages, keep Romania even more away from such an objective.
“(…) Launch of new talks this summer by the President of Romania may create the assumptions of such a institutional structure,” Olteanu also noted.

BNR official believes that Romania must assume that its good future is in the Eurozone, because staying outside the area does not absolve the country of implementing structural reforms, but these should be even tougher in such a perspective.

He also stressed that joining the Eurozone of an uncompetitive economy is unserious, excepting the fact that such an approach would not be accepted by Eurozone members.

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