OTP Bank launches the Contactless ATM service for cash withdrawals at the bank’s ATMs

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OTP Bank continues to develop its mobile payment solutions portfolio offered for local clients by launching the “Contactless ATM” service, which allows them to withdraw cash just by simply approaching the smart phone / smart watch or bank card near the specially marked ATM area.

Cash withdrawal is possible through devices (phones, smart watches) that use digital wallet applications such as Apple Pay or OTPay.

“We launch a new development designed to make the use of banking services even easier for our clients; Contactless ATM, a modern solution which is increasingly demanded nationwide. It is a natural step in our organic development strategy and, at the same time, a project that shows us the importance of both customer interaction environments, because this service combines synergies, mobility and solutions specific to the digital environment with the utility of services offered in a bank agency,” said Roxana Hidan, Deputy CEO, Business Division Coordinator, OTP Bank Romania.

This functionality is available for any Mastercard or Visa card issued by OTP Bank Romania, which has the contactless function.

Meanwhile, OTP Bank Romania is implementing its ATM network modernization investment program, which means that the “Contactless ATM” service is already available nationwide through 109 cash machines, following that in the first part of next year it will be available at all 148 bank terminals.

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