Romania borrows EUR 3 bln on the foreign markets

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Romania’s Ministry of Finance has borrowed EUR 3.3 billion from the foreign markets. However, our country would have liked to lure EUR 4 billion.

The loan has entered the domestic Treasury on May 26. According to the ministry, the level of the final subscription was three times higher, with the participation of over 585 investors.

There were two tranches: one worth EUR 1.3 bln with bonds maturing in 5 years, a 2.793% yield and an interest rate of 2.750% per year and a second tranche worth EUR 2 bln, with bonds maturing in 10 years, a 3.62% yield and an interest rate of 3.624% per year.

The Romanian Ministry of Finance said there has been an increase of the investors diversity in Asia and also a participation of over 65% of the big investors active on the international capital markets from U.S., Germany and UK for the tranche of bonds maturing in 10 years.

As for the geographical distribution of the investors, for the bonds maturing in 5 years, namely on February 26, 2026, they were from: UK and Ireland-22%, Germany and Austria-15%, Romania-6%, Switzerland-5%, Italy-7%, France-4%, the rest of Europe-16% and Asia-5%.

For the bonds maturity in 10 years: UK and Ireland-35%, U.S.-23%, Germany and Austria-9%, Romania-8%, EEC (except Romania)-6%, Switzerland-5%, Italy-2%, France-2%, the rest of Europe-7% and Asia-3%.


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