Sectoral Operational Programme IEC could bring to Romania back EUR 400 M

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The European Commission (EC) will be able to repay to Romania in the coming period, over EUR 400 million for the Sectoral Operational Programme ‘Increasing Economic Competitiveness (SOP IEC) 2007-2013 after when Ministry of European Funds has obtained the Agreement of the Community Executive for the recovery of all payments related to the program, according to a statement of the ministry released on Sunday.

“I estimate that SOP IEC will have the highest percentage of absorption of all the programs for 2007-2013 – 90 percent (…),” Marius Nica, the minister of European Funds said.

During December 2014 and April 2015, following the European Commission’s audits, there were decided temporary disruptions of reimbursements in Brussels to Romania for the three axes of SOP ‘Increasing Economic Competitiveness’. The payments for priority axes 1 and 4 were restarted on September 15, 2015 and for the axis 3 they were barely resumed.

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