Bucharest Stock Exchange launches the first digital art type NFT with ARIR


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Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) and the Romanian Association for Investor Relations (ARIR) launched the first Non-Fungible Token (NFT) on the Romanian capital market in the form of digital art, to celebrate five years since ARIR was created as a promoter of best practice in investor communication.

“Bucharest Stock Exchange, as a founding member of ARIR, is joining the ARIR initiative to celebrate five years since its creation by launching the collection of anniversary NFTs. It is a special, innovative project, that we are pleased to take part in with other members of the association, which is growing continuously, keeping up with the technological trends in the industry. The digital art NFT created by BVB and ARIR transposes into the digital environment, using the blockchain technology, the image and logo of Bucharest Stock Exchange. We also take this opportunity to thank the young designer team who worked on this BVB dedicated NFT and thus helped us reach out to the public interested in the latest generation technologies.” stated Adrian Tanase, CEO of Bucharest Stock Exchange.

The illustration of the NFT depicts two central characters: a robot of the future representing BVB and a youngster guided by it into growing up to a brilliant future. The stairs in the background illustrate the youngster’s ascension in his evolution. With each step taken, with each door opened to the world of stock exchanges (symbolizing listed companies), with each investment in these companies, the youngster progresses and matures, getting closer and closer to a successful future.

The BVB & ARIR NFT is produced by Upcrafty. The Upcrafty brand has only been eight months on the market and was founded by entrepreneur Andrei David and artist Szilagyi Valentina. It focuses on two main areas of activity: web design and development, and illustrations and animations under the Upcrafty Visual Arts brand.

“This year we imagined a novel celebration of ARIR’s 5-year anniversary. Thus, we salute the openness shown by the Bucharest Stock Exchange in adopting new technologies and using NFTs in an investor communication project. We think that once listed, any company aims to grow, develop and innovate, using high transparency standards. We support the performance of listed companies with concrete projects dedicated to them, our members.”, Daniela Serban, ARIR President and Co-Funder.

The BVB & ARIR NFT was developed in partnership with Web Labs, a blockchain company.

In launching this project, BVB invites its shareholders and investors to take part in the dedicated raffle by 20 November on  https://ir-romania.ro/ro/NFT/ in order to win a BVB & ARIR NFT and participate in the anniversary GALA organised by ARIR for November 23rd. At the previous link you can view the BVB & ARIR NFT alongside the NFTs created by ARIR in partnership with other listed companies.

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