The first IPO for FIDELIS government bonds launched this year with a tranche dedicated to blood donors


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The Ministry of Finance (MF) continues the issues of FIDELIS government bonds for retail investors and launches on Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) the first offer in 2023, between March 27 and April 10. This is the 11th such offer carried out on the capital market since July 2020. Through the previous ten offers, the Ministry of Finance attracted from the retail investors almost RON 15.2bn (EUR 3.1bn).

‘We hope that this issue dedicated to individuals who have donated blood since September 30, 2022, including those who donate during the offer period of this issue, will make a concrete contribution to stimulating blood donation by joining public or private efforts to this end. FIDELIS has always had a financial education component, and now, with this first, we are combining financial education with direct action to support a national health system need. Confidence in this initiative is shared by the Ministry of Finance as well as by our partners with whom we have successfully carried out 10 Fidelis editions to date, and who are constantly involved in identifying and meeting the needs of investors in FIDELIS’, stated Adrian Caciu, Ministry of Finance.

Resident and non-resident individuals over the age of 18 years can subscribe Fidelis government bonds denominated in RON and EUR within the public sale offer carried out on Bucharest Stock Exchange, through the intermediary consortium or intermediaries who have signed an undertaking to comply with the conditions of the offer and the provisions of the prospectus and have sent the undertaking to the Lead Manager.

‘Romania’s capital market offers a unique mix of stability and growth potential, making it an attractive destination for investors looking to diversify their portfolios. In this period of rising inflation, when money, which is the lifeblood of the economy, are more and more expensive, the recovery and long-term strength of Romania’s economy depends on trust and ensuring the access for companies and the state to a wider range of financing options such as stocks and bonds, as well as a dynamic capital market. We congratulate the Ministry of Finance for the initiative to offer a special tranche to blood donors, both for the medical impact it has, but also for the fact that it shows the human side behind the financial system’, said Radu Hanga, Bucharest Stock Exchange President.

‘We look to 2023 with confidence, as we see important signals regarding the continuation of the financing rounds, both through the issuance of Fidelis government bonds, but also the long-awaited listing of Hidroelectrica. At the same time, we see that the State offers support to companies that want to list, by covering part of the listing costs. Through the issuance of Fidelis government securities, the Ministry of Finance offers investors a useful tool for diversifying their portfolios, but also for those who take the first step in the world of investments, and now, through this tranche dedicated to blood donors, it offers a channel through which investors are encouraged to help those who are in need, said Adrian Tanase, Bucharest Stock Exchange CEO.

The details are available in the next table:

Criteria RON issue for blood donors, with maturity in April 2024 RON issue with maturity in April 2024


RON issue with maturity in April 2026


EUR issue with maturity in April 2024 EUR issue with maturity in April 2028
Ticker R2404B R2404A R2604A R2404BE R2804AE
Maturity April 13, 2024 April 13, 2024 April 13, 2026 April 13, 2024 April 13, 2028
Yearly interest rate 7.7% p.a. 6.7% p.a. 7.35% p.a. 3.7% p.a. 5.8% p.a.
Offering period March 27 – April 10 March 27 – April 10 March 27 – April 10 March 27 – April 10 March 27 – April 10
Nominal value RON 100 RON 100 EUR 100 EUR 100 EUR 100
Minimum subscription value RON 500 RON 5,000 EUR 1,000 EUR 1,000 EUR 1,000


In the donors’ tranche, orders can only be placed by investors who have donated blood starting with September 30, 2022 and/or who donate during the Fidelis government bond offering.

The allocation of the government bonds subscribed within the offer will be executed on the allocation date (April 11, 2023), and the final number of government bonds offered will be established by the issuer in consultation with the intermediary syndicate. The orders related to the subscriptions allocated to investors based on the subscriptions validated by the members of the syndicate / Eligible Participants will be registered in BVB’s trading system dedicated to public offers (government bonds).

The first trading day is estimated to be April 18, 2023.

The income obtained through the investment in FIDELIS government bonds, both from interest and from capital gains, is non-taxable. Also, the subscriptions can be made through Eligible Participants, which represent any intermediary authorized by Financial Supervisory Authority, which is financial investment company or credit institution registered as a participant in Bucharest Stock Exchange’s trading system that signed the commitment regarding the conditions of the offer, the provisions of the issue prospectus and sent the commitment to the Lead Manager. The intermediary syndicate of the offer includes BT Capital Partners (Lead Manager) & Banca Transilvania (distribution group), BCR, BRD and Alpha Bank Romania.

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