The increase in pensions and teachers’ salaries included in the 2024 budget

No tax increases, FinMin vows.


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Finance Minister Marcel Boloș stated on Monday that he discussed the state budget for 2024 with Liberal deputies and that it includes expenses for the increase in pensions, teachers’ salaries, and investments from the Anghel Saligny program. Additionally, the minister announced that there will be no tax or tax rate increases.

We discussed the main lines of the budget for 2024. The first budget component relates to pension expenses, both for their adjustment with inflation from January 1, and the recalculation from September 1 to include these amounts in the budget, a matter I mentioned in the meeting to ensure a funding source for these types of expenses. So, the funds for both pension adjustments and recalculations have been included in the 2024 budget project,” said Boloș, according to Agerpres. “Secondly, the issue concerns the rights of teachers and the additional expenses of the state budget. An agreement on the adjustment, indexation, or increase mechanism for teachers’ salaries is expected in the coming days, reaching a final decision in this regard. Here we discuss the additional budgetary impact generated and being generated by teachers’ demands for salary increases,” Boloș added after the PNL parliamentary group meeting.

Boloș also mentioned that the 2024 budget will include investments, especially for the Anghel Saligny program.

He added that PNL is a defender of the second pension pillar. “The fourth issue concerns the second pension pillar, especially the request to avoid any discussions regarding progressive taxation or any type of taxation of contributions to the second pension pillar. The National Liberal Party remains a defender of the second pension pillar and supports all those contributing to the second pension pillar,” Boloș further stated.

According to the minister, discussions focused on the preparation of the income and expenditure budget. “Regarding 2024 revenues, as known, it will be a year with no tax or tax rate increases. Therefore, it will be a year where we will benefit from predictability in terms of the budget and budget execution, and the business environment will be able to plan with elements of predictability and stability in 2024,” Boloș added.

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