Find the Romanian cities that top the mobile devices shopping

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Romanians are heavy hi-tech consumers, particularly buying high-end devices, from mobile phones and tablets to other gadgets and accessories. According to QuickMobile statistics, the appetite for the retailer’s high-tech devices is higher among the inhabitants of Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca (central country) and Baia Mare (northern Romania).

Bucharesters top the national ranking on the quantity and value of the bought tech devices. Since the beginning of the year, they generated over 24 percent of the QuickMobile overall sales. The Bucharest customer spent an average of RON 1,500, most of them choosing smartphones.

Residents from Cluj ranked second, with an average value of RON 1,400, representing 16% of the overall products. The inhabitants of Baia Mare came third, spending an average of RON 1,300 on tech products.

Romanians have a developed appetite for technology and they are making no deduction when it comes to buying tech products and this trend is reflected in the national sales,” said Tudor Țiboc, General Manager QuickMobile.

According to him, Bucharesters also top the ranking on the largest acquisition in Romania. The most expensive order made in Bucharest this year was over RON 25,000 paid for a DJI Innovations drone.

95% of the customers are in high demand for smartphones, with Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, LG G5, Xiaomi Mi5 and iPhone SE in the top. Dual-SIM devices are also mostly preferred.

About 60 pc of those buying mobile phones are men, who prefer large screen devices, while women are focusing on design and on smartphones with colorful cases.

Smartwatches are also gaining considerable ground in Romania, registering over 10 pc ofsmart the company’s sales in the first four months of 2016. Apple Watch 42 mm, Samsung Gear S2 and Pebble were the most sought-after models.

Tablets are on a downward trend in Romania, like in the rest of Europe. Romanians bying them preferred Samsung Galaxy View and iPad Pro.

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