FinMin announces fiscal measures for the business environment this month, including tax amnesty

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The Government will present a package of fiscal measures for the business environment that will also include tax amnesty, Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici announced in Hunedoara on Saturday.

The premier and all in the Government will present a package for the business environment, where there is also this measure for the private and state-owned companies“, said Teodorovici.

Previously, the Finance minister had announced that a tax amnesty would give an additional chance to private companies.

I want us to come up in May with a package of measures for the private business environment to also comprise this measure of financial restructuring (…) We are interested in give one more chance to the big public companies for the state will not be able to support this companies in the upcoming years. The European Commission put it bluntly that the state aid is illegal and the state must recover it“, Teodorovici said.

He added that the package of measures will also include a chapter related to the Romanian companies with negative capital, that represent EUR 35 billion, but also some actions for the companies that are paying their debts to the state budget in time.

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