FinMin: PSD has run the economy in the Al Capone style, prosecution bodies to be notified

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The new minister of Finance Florin Cîţu has announced on Thursday that the situation of the country’s budget and economy exceeds the most pessimistic expectations, accusing that the economy has been led on two budgets in the past 3 years, the one presented in Parliament and the second one,  which had been used to finance the local barons.

He announced he will notify the prosecution bodies.

Everything I found has exceeded my most pessimistic expectations. The real situation was familiar or anticipated not even to the international partners.

In Romania, in the past 3 years, the economy was led following two budgets, the one presented in Parliament and which had not been assumed either by the prime minister or the former ministers of Finance, and the other one that head all real information, which had been used to finance the local barons.

It’s exactly the method used by Al Capone to have two registers, one for him, and the other one for IRS.

The data in the budget were changed at will in the past three years.

The national budget was transformed to serve the party’s interests. They couldn’t have done it without accounting tricks and without the complicity of the Prognosis Committee.

Dragnea and his acolytes always knew that the money were destined to serve the party’s interests and that they will not go to investments. PSD knew there was no money for investments,” FinMin Citu said, announcing he will notify the relevant bodies over the aspect of setting up a criminal organised group in the fiscal field.

“PSD promoted some premeditated economic measures. It was not peaches and cream. The situation is serious”, the minister stressed.

Citu further reiterated that the pension budget for the first 10 months of 2019 has a deficit of RON 2.9 bln, and that the social securities budget is RON 2 bln.

The deficit today mounts to around 4 pc, if we do nothing. This deficit will hold us back, but we’ll include in the budget draft for 2020 part of the solutions. The budget draft for next year will have a deficit that considers all EC recommendations“, minister Citu said.

As for delays on PNDL payments, the minister assured all these bills will be paid. “We are paying the bills. It’s not the entrepreneurs fault that we had a government that stole.”

PM Orban: Director of Pension House went on sick leave

On the other hand, PM Ludovic Orban has accused the PSD’s obstacles, exemplifying that the president of the National Pension Houses had gone on sick leave, so the pensions of the people who want to retire cannot be calculated.

“There are retirements underway and people are waiting for the retirement decision, there delays of one or even three months for the calculation of the pensions. People are waiting and he is on medical leave”, said Orban referring to the president of the Pension House, Ioan – Petru Căprariu.

Asked if he is going to dismiss Căprariu, Orban said: “Obviously. He probably guessed he will be removed and because of this he went on sick leave”.

Ex-FinMin Teodorovici denies accusations, invites Citu, Orban for a debate

Former Minister of Finance, Eugen Teodorovici, has told a press conference on Thursday that there is no hole in the state budget and there is no problem at all with the budget deficit. Teodorovici added that Florin Citu’s statements are affecting the exchange rate and that they are based on estimations and not on concrete facts. Teodorovici also invited both PM Orban and FinMin Citu for a debate on the budget.

“I am Al Capone the same way Mr. Citu is the FMI Head”, Teodorovici said, stressing his successor presented a garbled situation.

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