Where is the first eco-friendly hovel estate in Romania?

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While real estate developers are racing to build more and more modern residential compounds in a various range of architectural styles, several young entrepreneurs have built the first hovel estate in Romania, near Timisoara, western Romania.

The developers argue the hovels are more environmentally friendly and more comfortable than any other apartment in a block of flats. They are made completely of wood and clay, covered in grass.

This is not a thing  they have invented now, it is a centuries-old recipe for the long standing houses in Romania. In the past, our ancestors used to build these hovels in the ground, planting vegetables and herbs on their roof to keep a constant temperature inside and moreover, to hide them from the enemies’ eyes.

The first prototype district of such eco-friendly hovels has been already built in Săcălaz, near Timişoara, with European funds.

The price for a eco-friendly hovel starts from EUR 47,000 and mounts to EUR 75,000, depending on the area.

One of the initiators of the project, Vlad Stanciu, says the house is adjusting the air humidity and is serving like a thermal battery, preventing bacteria or  mold from growing. He added that the clay walls keep the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter, as they are adjusting humidity by themselves.

The house can get its temperature up to plus 25C in one hour in the winter when there is minus 20C outside,” said Stanciu to Digi24.

The plant life on the roof stops the sunlight and provides an extra chill indoors in the summer.

The hovels have a 50-year warranty.

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