First power tests of Magurele-based ELI – NP project kicked off today


Specialists have started on Friday the tests for the Magurele high-power laser that will become operational in February 2019, informs.

“Intermediate power tests are done these days, somewhere at 3 petawatts. These tests have started a few weeks ago, but today it’s about the power test, important tests,” Professor Nicolae Victor Zamfir, director of the Extreme-Light Infrastructure – Nuclear Physics Project (ELI-NP), stated, adding: “The entire laser system has been installed and components were tested. It follows the testing of the whole assembly.”

According to him, today’s tests are the first major success after four years of work.

ELI-NP Director also says, if everything goes well, the experiments will begin by the end of the year.

Researchers want to create new materials used in the ordinary and space economy at Magurele to innovate in the field of cancer treatment, find ways to identify sealed radioactive waste and to invent new types of energy.

The total cost of the facility will be EUR 300 million. The ELI-NP facility combines a high power laser system (HPLS) with two arms of 10 PW having intensities on the target in the range of 10^23 W/cm2 (100 Sextillion watts per square centimeter). A gamma beam system (GBS) will deliver up to 19 MeV photons with extreme brilliance and bandwidth and is based on Compton scattering of a high repetition pulsed laser beam on a relativistic electron beam produced by a warm linac of 720 MeV.

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