Fitness market in Romania, estimated at EUR 223 M

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Although the frequency of practicing physical activities has increased in recent years, so the fitness market value / capita did, from EUR 5.1 in 2012 to EUR 11 in 2015, according to 7card data.

Only 6 percent of Romanians doesn’t do sport regularly, while 61 percent did not practice sport at all and 18 percent rarely work out. The market value of fitness in Romania is estimated at EUR 223 million.

“Fitness market in Romania increased in average by 25 percent annually, even if the same percentage is still not subject to taxation, which is the gray market. We can say that the number of sports centers is growing, even if out of the total population only 6 percent of Romanians practice sports. We are among the last in Europe, a lower percentage being recorded by the Czech Republic and Poland, both with 5 percent of the population, respectively Bulgaria, with only 2 percent,” Andrei Cretu, Benefit Seven co-founder, the owner of 7card.

At corporate level, the fitness market potential is very high, the segment is underdeveloped. Only 3-5 percent of companies pay a subscription to their employees at a sports center. Most of them are working in IT, telecom, pharma, professional services, media and communication.

At the same time, 60 percent of the companies have signed a partnership with a provider of sports services, facilitating employees’ access to sports paying a fee, but only for the rates negotiated at group level. Many of these companies are from the banking sector, retail and automotive.

Over 15 percent are Romanian companies and 40 percent of them carry out activities outside Bucharest.

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