Food service market in Romania exceeded RON 7.2 bn in 2017

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More than two-thirds (67 percent) of the Romanian food service market value was owned by Bucharest in 2017 with RON 4.89 billion, and almost half (46 percent) of the total market is represented by the standard restaurants, table bases segment, Hospitality Culture Research shows.

According to the survey, the total annual value of food service market in five of the largest cities in Romania amounted to RON 7.24 billion.

The study also points out that 45 percent of Romanians do not choose the special offers when they eat at the restaurant, and over 20 percent of them prefer combo meals (food plus drink / dessert).

Half of those surveyed said that the consumption value when they go out at the restaurant ranges from RON 30 to RON 50 and, in general, the value of the products is considered acceptable.

Also, more than half of the respondents (52 percent) eat in the city or order food at home and, out of the total population over 18 years, 87 percent of those living in Bucharest (81 percent of the province) drank or ordered food at home at least once in the past six months.

Hospitality Culture Institute research is a project implemented in crowdfunding system, attended by several important brands of the Horeca industry such as Fratelli, City Grill, KFC, Coca-Cola, hipMenu, KZ Creative, Acvamarin Seafood, Trenta Pizza and Jerry’s Pizza. The statistics included an analysis over the sitting market (dining restaurants) and the delivery market (home delivery).

The study included about 800 people over the age of 18 who dined in the city in the last half year, in five Romanian reference cities (Bucharest, Timisoara, Cluj, Brasov and Iasi).

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