Future-Summit hosts 8 international speakers on November 28th in Bucharest

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The global director of Artificial Intelligence of E-ON, the inventor of the first electric flying taxi awarded in Paris at Hello Tomorrow, the activist planting tens of millions of trees in Africa and 20 more speakers come to Bucharest to offer insights on what the next ten years will look like and what decisions businesses and companies have to take now.

The 4th edition of Future Summit will take place on November 28th in Palatul Universul, where you are invited to a conversation space on solutions of the future, start-up pitches and a preview on future trends. The event will be held in English and registrations are opened here.

Some of the questions the speakers will answer: How does AI and automation transform industries and society? What are the implications of the climate crisis and solutions to it? What does the future of work look like and what are the latest trends in digital health services? How can we (re)build Bucharest in the future and what does the future of education in Romania look like?


Future Summit speakers include among others:

  • Patrick Nathen, Founder, Lilium Aviation. Lilium is the first electric flying taxi that can transport 5 people over distances of over 300 km in one hour.
  • Claudia Pavarini, Energy Modeler, International Energy Agency. How does the energy market look in 2040 according to the latest report of the World Energy Outlook of IEA, the most important global organization in the field.
  • Juan Bernabe-Moreno, Global Director of Artificial Intelligence, E.ON. How AI helps in business models of energy companies.
  • Tristram Stuart, on of the most important global voices in food waste reduction.
  • Danny Goh, CEO, Nexus Frontier Tech. Global Entrepreneur in Artificial Intelligence.
  • Simon Harris, Investment Director, Zap & Go. A new type of battery with ultra-fast charge without Lithium and non-toxic for the environment.

Romanian speakers of FutureSummit 2019 include: Dragoș Stanca (Upgrade 100), Gabriel Isidor (UiPath), Vlad Mixich (European Public Health Alliance), Oana Gheorghiu Dăruiește Viață), Florin Stoican (Văcărești Natural Park), Mihai Toader- Pasti (EFdeN), Oana Țoiu (Social Innovation Solutions) or Adelina Dabu (Confederația Patronală Concordia).

We bring to Bucharest for the fourth time global entrepreneurs, scientists and top social entrepreneurs to understand the challenges, solutions and opportunities for the future. We connect over 350 business leaders and entrepreneurs in conversations about solutions and opportunities, whilst offering the chance to interact with 50 teams from our Future Makers incubator ,” Ciprian Stanescu, founder of Future Summit.

At the Future Summit, participants can also listen to the pitches of the 50 teams of young entrepreneurs from the Future Makers program. Out of the more than 2000 young people who went through the entrepreneurial education program on future trends in 2019, the jury selected 50 teams and on November 28 will choose 7 teams that will receive prizes of 20,000 euro. Future Makers businesses bring solutions in education, urban mobility, fintech, the food industry, health, virtual reality, automation or cyber security.

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