German companies, concerned about the future, ask for investments in education, infrastructure and healthcare

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The German companies operating in Romania are content with their current activity on the local market, but they are concerned about the developments in the upcoming years, said Dragos Anastasiu, president of the Romanian –German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK) in a press conference on Thursday.

AHK representatives argued that to be successful abroad, companies need a stable business environment and public authorities open to have a real dialogue with the businessmen.

Factors such as predictability of the economic policies, public administration, the availability of the workforce, infrastructure, the fight against corruption and public tenders remain crucial in taking the decision to make an investment,” AHK says.

However, more and more companies are concerned about Romania’s evolution as an investment location,  with AHK arguing that „the positive effects of the measures taken by the Gov’t are in question”.

“(…) In the past year, the uncertainty and unpredictability of the economic life has increased, the confidence in the Gov’t has decreased and there is a lower hope that necessary steps will be taken to modernize the administration, to cut the red tape, to continue anti-corruption fight. The more and more acute staff shortage, the judicial and political instability are hindering the activity of the companies,” says AHK, adding that most of the Germany companies complain about the road infrastructure.

The repeated fiscal amendments and the restraint of the reforms in the public sector, as well as the decrease of the public investments in favor of the pay rises have created a negative trend among the German investors”, the release further says.

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