Germany remains Romania’s most important commercial partner

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Germany remains Romania’s no 1 commercial partner in the first half of this year, according to the National Institute of Statistics (INS) figures released by AHK Romania, counting for 23% of the total exports and over 20% of the total imports.

Imports from Germany have totaled EUR 8.6 billion in the first half of 2019, 2.5% more as against the same period last year, while exports mounted to EUR 8.1 billion, up by 3.3% as against the previous year.

The trade volume between Romania and Germany totaled EUR 16.7 billion, with exchanges mostly focusing on machines and appliances, transport means and materials, or base metal.

„This proves the Romanian-German ties are on a positive trend. We see a major potential in the future and we endorse this evolution, as the official representative of the German economy in Romania”, said Sebastian Metz, general manager AHK Romania.

He added that such topics as professional training, promotion of cities and regions in Romania, as well as boosting partnership in green technologies and growing competitiveness are very important in this respect.

Around 7,500 German companies are currently active in Romania, which means that over 10% of the foreign companies operating in our country are German. They have over 226,000 employees, a turnover of roughly EUR 27 billion (13% of the Romanian GDP) and have invested more than EUR 9.7 billion in Romania so far.

For a continuing positive trend of the economic relations German companies need a stable and predictable business environment, a well developed infrastructure, a functional education system and skilled staff,” concluded the AHK press release.


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