Germany remains Romania’s most important economic partner. AHK warns over uncertainty of the business environment


The Romanian-German economic ties have strengthened last year. According to the Romanian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, AHK Romania, the bilateral trade volume totaled EUR 32.5 billion last year, which means over 20% of Romania’s external trade. Imports from Germany reached EUR 16.9 bln (+11,9%) in 2018, while exports mounted to EUR 15.6 bln (+8,4%).

As for the federal states, Baden-Württemberg (imports: EUR 4.1 bln, exports: EUR 2.8 bln) and Bavaria (imports: EUR  3.9 bln, exports: EUR 2.7 bln) rank first.

In terms of foreign direct investments, Germany is in the lead, ranking second after the Netherlands, with a balance of investments of EUR 9.7 bln at the end of 2017. 12.8% of the total foreign direct investments comes from Germany. German direct investments mounted to EUR 587 million in 2017.

We look back to a successful 2018 year for the Romanian-German economic ties”, said Sebastian Metz, Director general and member of the AHK Romania managing council. „At the same time, we must take into consideration that the trust of the German companies in Romania must be always endorsed, year by year. The negative judgements against the foreign companies, against multinational companies, the unexpected amendments of the framework conditions in the economy, for instance in the tax legislation field and the uncertainty on the rule of law, but also regarding the pursuit of the anti-corruption fight, are counter productive and are harming the investment environment. We should all focus on the same direction, to increase investments in education, infrastructure and healthcare”, he added.

Around 7,500 German-owned companies are registered at the Trade Register, generating over 250,000 jobs.

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