Germany’s Continental to hire 180 people in Brasov

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Continental AG, the leading German automotive manufacturer, is able to produce at full capacity, over 10 million fuel supply units per year in its plant in Brasov. In this context, the company is seeking 180 people to join the production team for March and April, a press release informs.

“Our team now has 40 members and we are responsible for the assembly of the power supply unit. With 20 new colleagues, that we are going to train them for the production process, we can complete the team and we will be more efficient,” Claudiu Dolhascu, the supervisor of one of the production lines, said.

Other teams too are in a similar growing process. Therefore, during this period, the Continental Brasov employees in technical and human resources areas are attending recruitment events in the city and are available to those interested.

Continental’s factory in Brasov is manufacturing fuel supply units and demand-driven brushless fuel pumps, which are innovative solutions with major contribution to upping energy efficiency and thus, to reducing a car’s CO2 emissions.

The leading German automotive manufacturer invested EUR 1.13 billion in its activities in Romania during 1999-2015. At end-2015, Continental had about 16,500 employees and has increased its team in 2016 with over 1,000 new members in Romania.

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