GEZE Romania reports growing business of EUR 4.4 M in the financial year 2018-2019

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GEZE Romania, a company operating in the premium door, window and security technology, has announced financial results of 4.4 million euros for the fiscal year 2018-2019, up to 10% compared to similar period of last year. The category of automatic sliding door systems has the highest share in the total business, followed by the segment of revolving doors, which have made the most progress due to the launch of new ranges of large revolving doors.

The business successes of today are due to the growth of the office and commercial segments, but also to the consolidation of partnerships with the most important developers in the country, of the professionalism of which we treated all the projects, regardless of the degree of complexity. These aspects strengthened our leadership position and outline our future approaches, based on constant consultancy to achieve long-term performance for all parties involved in the construction process and, subsequently, the operation of buildings, ”said Vlad Stanislav, Managing Director of GEZE Romania.

For the financial year July 2019 – July 2020, the company plans to consolidate the business, thus ensuring the sustainability of the achieved growth, the expansion of the warehouse to be able to accommodate the increasing operational level, as well as the expansion of the team by attracting new members.

We continue to face difficulties and challenges coming from the legislative area, which exacerbates the crisis of the skilled labor force, the lack of economic predictability in the medium term, but also the sporadic and outdated control of the authorities that allow the appearance of the market and some non-compliant products, partly regulated and marketed at prices below the level of the appropriate systems ”, adds Vlad Stanislav.

For the financial year that just started, GEZE Romania will continue to promote large revolving doors, and as for the range of automatic sliding doors, it will introduce a new GEZE ECdrive T2 model, the successor to the best-selling system on the market. This new product will have significant technical improvements and will offer the possibility of combining with the new Gcprofile Therm thermal insulation profiles for sliding doors.

Regarding the evolution of the Romanian construction market, the first half of 2019 showed a stable evolution, a trend that, according to the signals received from customers and partners, will continue until the end of the current calendar year. During this period, the announced and ongoing projects will ensure a positive evolution, while maintaining the pressure on the price level, which considerably limits the complexity and quality of the solutions and products implemented.

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