Goods traffic via Romanian ports exceeded 56 million tonnes in 2015

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The total traffic of goods registered last year through the Romanian maritime ports Constanta, Midia and Mangalia was of 56.33 million tonnes, an increase of 1.25 percent as compared to 2014, NC “Maritime Ports Administration” SA Constanta informs in a press release.

The maritime traffic registered 43.60 million tonnes (43 million tonnes in 2014) and the river traffic reached 12.73 million tonnes (12.58 million tonnes in 2014). For the maritime traffic, the increase during the analyzed period is of 1.28 percent, and for the river traffic is of 1.15 percent.

The following cargo types registered traffic increases: cereals (from 17.42 million tonnes in 2014 to 19.61 million tonnes in 2015), oil products (from 4.71 million tonnes to 5.16 million tonnes), metal products (from 1.88 million tonnes to 2.06 million tonnes) and coal, coke (from 2.15 million tonnes to 3.2 million tonnes).

Traffic decreases were registered for iron ores (from 5.5 million tonnes to 2.75 million tonnes).

In the total traffic, the cereals have a share of 34.8 percent, the crude oil 11.7 percent, miscellaneous 12.2 percent, oil products 9.2 percent, coal, coke 5.7 percent.

The container traffic registered, in 2015, 6.84 million tonnes, respectively 689,012 TEU, as compared to 2014 when there were registered 6.77 million tonnes, respectively 668,349 TEU. In quantitative terms, the increase is of 1.04 percent, and regarding the number of TEUs, the increase is of 3.09 percent.

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