Google is testing artificial intelligence tool to help journalists write articles


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Google is developing a new artificial intelligence (AI) tool to help journalists write articles, in partnership with several big names in the media, the internet giant confirmed on Thursday, according to AFP.

The New York Times has recently revealed the information, stating that it is part of the media involved, along with the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal and other companies.

We are in a phase of exploring ideas to provide artificial intelligence tools to help journalists in their work. These tools are not designed to — and cannot — replace the essential role journalists play in gathering and verifying information and writing stories,” said a Google spokesperson.

The idea is to design writing assistance functions similar to those in Gmail or Google Docs, but specific to journalists, such as suggesting different titles or writing styles. According to the New York Times, media executives described Google’s project, internally dubbed “Genesis,” as “disruptive.”

OpenAI, the Californian start-up that created ChatGPT, has also recently signed deals with media organizations.

The data-hungry company, needed to train its linguistic models, obtained, among other things, permission to use the archives of the American news agency Associated Press (AP) starting in 1985.

In return, AP will have access to “OpenAI technology and its expertise”, the two companies detailed in a statement last week.

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