Green light for supermarkets to sell 51 pc Romanian foodstuffs

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The Chamber of Deputies passed on Wednesday the bill requiring the supermarkets to put on sale meat, vegetables and fruits 51 percent produced in Romania and whereby shelf fees are banned.

The draft was approved by unanimous vote of the present deputies – 293 votes. However, the president of Chamber of Deputies, Valeriu Zgonea, pointed out that the procedure was not respected, meaning that those who led the meeting have not asked what colleagues do not want to vote. He also drew attention that the law could be repealed by President Klaus Iohannis and could be declared unconstitutional.

Exception from the rule will be made during the winter months, when imported fruits and vegetables may represent 70 percent of the total offer on the shelves.

A last year survey commissioned by the big retailers’ association revealed that supermarkets are the favorite shopping location for 83.6 percent of the respondents, while 65.2 percent buy from the district stores and 45.2 percent from the agrifood markets.

Almost 66 percent of the respondents consider that Romanian foodstuff is better than the foreign ones, while 27 percent think they have the same quality. Almost 40 percent think that Romanian food products are as expensive as the foreign ones, and 28.8 percent consider they are more expensive.

Daniela Badila, General Director with the Competition Council, said recently that the law on marketing Romanian products in supermarkets could lead to supply problems.

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